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A thoughtful, well-written, much-needed book on spirituality for teens.  Deneen Vukelic is blazing a new spiritual trail… just for young people.

-- Dr. Susan Shumsky, award-winning author of 11 spiritual books:


This is an extremely valuable spiritual guide for teenagers which shares the essentials of meditation, spirituality, and all we need to understand to lead a healthy and God-focused life.  It is full of profound truths that are all too often left unspoken and untaught in our modern world, and which I believe must be shared with our young people in a big way now.  If there is any hope of keeping our troubled world from human-caused destruction. The author has taught numerous workshops on meditation for children and teens, and this beautifully written book shares her vital insights in a style  that is both delights and is well-suited for her audience.  Her voice is sweet, authentic, direct and never condescending. The teachings she shares here are based on terminology taught by the Ascended Master Saint Germain (such as the Mighty I AM Presence®), and the goals she speaks of is nothing less than spiritual perfection which she assures us is not as unattainable as it might sound.  

The focal point for these teachings are simple: each of us should strive to become a "kind, loving, peaceful and compassionate person, which is surely the essential focus for everyone in this world, no matter what their religious or spiritual identification may be.  She also focuses on the value of gratitude and forgiveness and of trusting God to be our source for everything in life.  The book's first section focuses on the basics: developing intuition, exploring Free Will, understanding and working with the energy systems within our bodies, working with angels and spirit guides, and also Eastern concepts such as karma and reincarnation.  The second section brings things down to earth with topics such as friends, school, romance, marriage and children. (In other worlds the author integrates the high spiritual understandings we learned in Part 1 with the stuff of daily life. Important! The book's final section deals with health, diet, relationships and exloring ways to heal ourselves on all levels: physically, mentally and emotionally.

I love the simple, practical and optimistic approach Deneen Vukelic takes in this book, by which she inspires us to master our minds and face the great challenge of life.  As she puts it, "Facing the fear of the unknown takes courage.  But, it's so worth it. Getting through to the other side of healing is joy, peace and unconditional self-love. "  This is the perfect gift for teenagers and an excellent manual for living, which should help prepare them to grow spiritually as they navigate the difficult teen years towards adulthood.  Highly recommended.

-- Ram Das Batchelder, Author, Rising in Love



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