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Mine Your Ore; Mind Your Business


On the path to inner peace, happiness and fulfillment, all of us at some time or another have allowed others to determine our worth and loveableness (myself included). We have allowed the external opinions from others to determine our internal value. I can tell you for certain that this is definitely not the path to eternal peace, love and happiness.

So, what does put us on a path to living a happier, more love--filled life? In a nutshell, it is to "mind your own business."

In the literal sense--we all need to stop worrying about other people's stuff, other people's worries, and other people opinions--not only of us, but of everything. We have our own thoughts and feelings and we do not need to have any opinions about anything. That just takes away precious positive energy from us when we take on other people's stuff with our own opinions attached to it. And when you take ownership of your inner thoughts and ideas, you have taken your personal power back!

What do I mean by "Mind Your Ore?" Well, what is ore, it's treasure from a mine. It could be a gold, quartz, amethyst, silver, diamonds, etc. YOU are your own mine; your own treasure. When you "mine" what you have to offer the world, you will discover your value, your loveableness, your gifts, your creativity, your __________________ (fill in the blank).

Here's a full definition of the acronym O.R.E.


Own your personal power. Do not give it away. Do not believe anyone can “take it” away.

Do take complete control of your personal power. No one can actually "take away" your personal power. That is just an illusion of your mind and emotions.

Fit Woman


When you own your own personal power, you take responsibility for your actions, your thoughts, your deeds, your choices. Good, bad or indifferent – all have a positive benefit in your life, be it a lesson, a success, or a pathway to the next steps on your life journey. Keep in mind all mistakes are lessons that pave the way for success.


When you take responsibility, you empower yourself. When you are empowered, no one can take your personal power away. No one can hurt you. When you empower yourself, you cannot blame anyone for poor choices. By the same token, no one can claim your success as their own. For empowerment then leads to self-confidence and self-confidence leads to acceptance and contentment.

You are the ore from your own mine; You are the treasure you seek.


Mine Your Own Ore

Mind Your Own Business

That’s the only business you need be concerned about. And when you mine your ore and mind your business—everything you desire, like love, peace, abundance, success, happiness—will follow. You will be SOARING!

On Top of the World

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